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MADDOG Piping is a member's only wholesale club giving you access to wholesale pricing for the highest-quality, most popular bagpiping products on the market…guaranteed! Simply purchase this annual MADDOG Piping membership to gain instant access to deep discounts on all products listed on this website. If you're not quite ready to join, feel free to browse our store and check out wholesale prices for yourself! You won't be able to find them cheaper anywhere else on the internet. See below for details on membership benefits.

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December 17, 2014
Setting Up Chanter Reeds Webinar Moved

We’ve had to postpone the setting up reeds webinar due to a last minute piping concert that we’re performing here in Dunedin. Our next webinar about setting up drone reeds will be in February. We haven’t cancelled the chanter reed […]

October 30, 2014
MADDOG Piping is Here!

The future of internet shopping for bagpipe supplies is upon us! MADDOG Piping now offers wholesale pricing for the highest-quality, most popular piping products on the market to everyone…guaranteed! These deals are available to anyone across the globe. Simply become a MADDOG […]

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