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About Us – Who is MADDOG Piping?

‘I Am Ready’ – the motto of Clan Fraser and identifiable for pipers and pipe bands alike. Being prepared for an event is critical to the success of any piper, professional, amateur, or hobbyist. Confidence in your instrument is essential as it is the tool of your trade. Having the right supplies at your disposal means a piper is always ready for a gig or competition.

A prepared piper will have several sets of reeds and ample supplies at the ready for any performance to ensure the best possible bagpipe sound every time. Maintenance and being prepared for every performance is the key to success for any piper. MADDOG Piping is here to make sure you are prepared.

MADDOG Piping offers the best products at the cheapest prices…guaranteed. There’s no need to search anywhere else.

MADDOG Piping is the first member’s only wholesale club giving you access to wholesale pricing for the highest-quality, most popular bagpiping products on the market…guaranteed! Everyone is able to browse the website, but only members can purchase these products at HUGE discounts. The future of internet shopping for bagpipe supplies is here so don’t miss out. Simply purchase your annual MADDOG Piping membership to gain instant access to deep discounts on all products listed on this website.

MADDOG Piping or Lothian Bagpipe Supplies?

MADDOG Piping was launched as a subsidiary of Lothian Bagpipe Supplies (http://www.lothianbagpipesupplies.com) in order to offer everyone bulk, wholesale discounts. Lothian Bagpipe Supplies is still the best online retailer for all highland supplies from piping to drumming to highland wear and much more. If you’re simply looking for the cheapest prices on bagpiping products, MADDOG Piping is the place for you.

MADDOG Piping Behind the Scenes

MADDOG Piping Iain Donaldson

Iain Donaldson

Bagpiper | Owner

Iain Donaldson brings years of experience as a former piper with the House of Edgar, Shotts and Dykehead Caledonia Pipe Band and former Pipe Sergeant of the 78th Fraser Highlanders. Iain is currently Director of Piping for 6 pipe band programs in Dunedin, FL and Pipe Major of the Dunedin Pipe Band. Iain’s extensive knowledge of all things related to piping and pipe bands has made him the “choice of pipers” for service and advice.

With internet shopping today, price is a big (and sometimes the only) factor for many of our customers. MADDOGPiping.com was launched to give an outlet for our customers who want the cheapest prices on bagpiping products guaranteed. With the wholesale membership club concept, we’re able to offer our excellent customer service that you’ve come to expect over the years from the British Shop and Lothian Bagpipes paired with rock bottom prices.

Our customer’s have been so loyal to us over the years. We’re excited to be able to offer our products and expertise at a fraction of what you’ll find through most retails outlets! MADDOGPiping.com was designed to be friendly to use, exciting to explore, and full of bagpiping deals carefully chosen for the competitive bagpiping market.

Moira Donaldson

Dancer | Owner/Office Manager

Moira is a former champion highland dancer who started dancing at the age of three in Hamilton, Ontario. During her competitive dancing years she earned the title Canadian Intercontinental Champion twice and five gold medals at the Cowal Highland Games, Scotland. She is a certified highland dance instructor and former adjudicator.

MADDOG Piping Moira Donaldson