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McCallum AB4 Deluxe Bagpipes

$1,460.00 $1,200.00

The McCallum AB4 Deluxe Bagpipes feature imitation ivory projecting mounts with engraved alloy ferrules, ringcaps and slides. The mounts have engraved alloy plates recessed into the top surface.

PRICE LISTED IS STICKS ONLY (No Minimum Order Quantity) – Pipe bag, bag cover, pipe cords, reeds, and chanter are NOT included in this price. Additional information can be found below.

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Product Description

McCallum AB4 Deluxe Bagpipes feature:

  • Imitation Ivory Projecting Mounts
  • Engraved Alloy Ferrules, Slides, and Ring Caps
  • Engraved Alloy Ring Plates
  • 5-Year Full Warranty

PRICE LISTED IS STICKS ONLY (No Minimum Order Quantity) – Pipe bag, bag cover, pipe cords, reeds, and chanter are NOT INCLUDED in this price. There is an option to add a pipe chanter when ordering.

If you’re looking for individual accessories like pipe bags, cords, etc., you can find those at our retail store OR YOU CAN BUY WHOLESALE AND SAVE MONEY HERE! Remember all of these piping accessories are also offered bulk wholesale here on


For More Information About the McCallum AB4 Deluxe Bagpipes

For more information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re here to help. You can also see more on McCallum’s website by clicking here.


About McCallum Bagpipes

Whether you are a serious competitor or just plain serious about the bagpipes you play, McCallum’s choice of instruments harness luxurious refinement and unrivalled craftsmanship with uncompromising sound quality that only a set of McCallum Bagpipes can produce. Every budget is catered for in their exclusive collection of bagpipes.

All McCallum Bagpipes are precision manufactured at their factory premises in Ayrshire by their team of highly skilled bagpipe makers – some of whom are experienced pipers, providing you with the peace of mind that all McCallum Bagpipes products are made by true experts.


McCallum Bagpipes – Background


Bagpipes in Stock

We stock a wide variety of bagpipes that change quite frequently. If we don’t have your set immediately available, typical backorder wait times for bagpipes are 4 – 6 weeks depending on the manufacturer’s schedule. If you have a question about what is or not in stock, feel free to shoot us an email to or send a note through our Contact Page.

Additional Information

Weight 80 oz


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